"Call 911. My Daughter's Not Breathing!"



On Sunday evening, May 9, Jeff picked up Gracelynn from Shawna's home.

She was often fussy for a few days after the transfer. Shawna thought this was because they used different formulas and that Gracelynn was lactose intolerant. Jeff had taken her to a doctor who disagreed.

The next morning, Jeff dropped Gracelynn off at babysitter Kristeen Elliott's house before he went to work. 

Kristeen, who was taking several narcotic prescriptions, would later admit under police questioning that, while Gracelynn was in her care, she had twice dropped the child into a deep sink while bathing her in a plastic tub. 

That afternoon, Gracelynn suddenly had a super-sonic crying fit. She was not a crier, and had never had a fit like that.

Kristeen was alarmed. She started crying too because Gracelynn was in such distress. She looked into Gracey's eyes, and noticed that "she just wasn't there."" It was very likely an "absent" seizure.

After a few moments, though, Gracelynn seemed to recover. Kristeen called Jeff and told him about the fit, and he left his job early to pick her up.

He then took Gracelynn home and fed her. He propped her up on some pillows on his bed. He went into another room to book a trip to see his mother and sister so he could show off Gracelynn

The trip never happened.

Jeff went back in to check on Gracelynn.  She had slumped over and wasn't breathing. Some formula was coming out of her mouth. He tried mouth-to-mouth. He then rushed to the home of his neighbor, who worked in the medical field.

Jeff was in a panic. He yelled "somebody help my daughter."  The neighbor called 911, paramedics resuscitated her, and Gracelynn was taken to the emergency room.

She lived four days before life support was removed.  She was 11-weeks-old when she died.

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