Jeff and Gracelynn


A New Start

In 2010, Jeff was a middle-aged single guy working as a plumber in Boise.

He had some rough patches. He had struggled with drugs and alcohol, and had even served a brief stint in prison. He hadn't been the best father to his adult son as he was growing up.

But by 2010 Jeff had been clean and sober for years. He was working hard, and enjoying time with friends and family. He had found solace riding his Harley with his buddies in the Sober Riders.

Then he learned that his ex-girlfriend Shawna was going to have a baby. Even though Jeff and Shawna were no longer together, he couldn't have been happier.

Now he had another chance to be a better father. It gave him a renewed purpose.

Shawna had a troubled past, too, and when Gracelynn was born on February 17, 2010, doctors found marijuana in her blood. Shawna also admitted to using meth earlier in the pregnancy. The State took custody of Gracelynn.

Jeff immediately stepped up. Gracelynn was his pride and joy.

He was given full custody during the week, and Shawna had Gracelynn on weekends.

He loved little Gracelynn. For the first several weeks of her life, Jeff doted and cared for his daughter.

Then his life changed forever in an instant.

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